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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  January 25, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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that's what's making news in america you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> dry right now but you want to grab the snow boots. more winter weather is right around the corner. >> the jury is seated. now it's time to hear the case against the suspect accused of murdering phylicia barns. -- barnes. >> how you can dine at the best restaurants in the city without going broke. we will tell you about that op this friday january 25th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's friday, so happy friday. if you have weekend plans, here's meteorologist lynette charles to let you know how it's shaping up. >> good morning. it's friday. we made it to the week together. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now, but don't let
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it fool you. we have a system towards the north and west that's going to drop down in here as we go into 3 this afternoon. and it's going to bringing us snow showers across the area. what you need to do this morning, don't forget to bring the heavy coat because we can see the temperatures coming in at 17 degrees right now. 1 in jessup monrovia at 13. and the winds are calm so we are not dealing with the wind chill right now. but it's frigid out there. don't forget the coat or the snow boots because you will need them and we are going to be dealing with the temperatures very cold as we go through remainder of the day. 17 degrees by 9 this morning. 22 degrees by lunchtime. and our high today in the mid- 20s and i will tell you when the snow arrives coming up. now let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to another cold start and we have a crash on 95 blocking three southbound lanes at route 175. expect delays in the area. you can stick with route 1 or 295 as your alternate routes. no delays traveling through the
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fort mchenry tunnel or harbor tunnel and using 695 this morning, here's a live look at west side at liberty road. traffic is moving along. you won't have problems getting down to route 40 or traveling the inner loop up to 83. here's what 695 looks like in parkville. conditions are nice and normal at harford road. no problems heading up towards towson. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. it was a light coating but eat led to a mess of a morning commute. more snow is on the way. this time right as you are ready to drive home. sherrie johnson is live this morning and the state highway administration is hoping to learn a little bit from yesterday morning right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. no one wants to sit in bumper to bumper traffic. but when we get a little bit of precipitation or light covering of snow you will sit in bumper to bumper traffic. people slow down. the state highway administration says they are prepared for today's possible snow. we don't want to repeat
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yesterday when the snow shows up today. state highway officials say they didn't pretreat wednesday night but the roads will be ready today. highway officials say one reason you saw so much on the road yesterday was because of pavement temperatures. they were too low so anything that was sprayed would freeze. the maryland state highway administration is reminding drivers to prepare for snow this afternoon because of the payment temperatures below 20 degrees. the state highway administration will not pretreat using salt due to protension freezing on the roads. crews have been out overnight preparing for icy conditions. >> let's take a lesson from this and get ready and prepare because the cools are let -- schools are letting out early or during the storm and people are leaving work, we could have an even worse gridlock. >> reporter: the state highway administration says that they are prepared this morning. they are ready for anything that is coming up today. and as you can see, traffic is moving pretty smoothly right now. so we will have to wait and
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see. reporting live in brooklenville, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 4:33. opening statements in the phylicia barnes murder trial begins today. michael johnson is accuse of killing the 16-year-old. johnson is the exboy friend of the phylicia barnes' half sister. in 2010 she was visiting family for the holidays when she went missing and was found a few months later. when it comes to john leopold's misconduct trial we have heard juicy testimony from the current and former employees. now it's time to hear his side of the story. his defense team begins making his case today. the state retired after calling more than a dozen witnesses. leopold faces charges of fraud and misconduct. if convicted, he could face prison time. abc2 news update this morning. three officers involved in a death of anthony anderson will not face any charges. anderson died in september while in police custody. police say and heson was selling drugs in -- anderson
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was selling drugs when officer tried arresting him. at one point they threw him to the ground. his family members says he was kicked. the autopsy determines the death was a homicide. after investigating the incident, the city state's attorney decide not to file criminal charges against the officers. it's a move with which anderson's family is not happy. >> basically it tells us what we knew. we knew it because we saw it. the autopsy confirmed it but it's like they threw all that out the window and taking the police's word on what happened and that's not fair. it's not fair. >> state's attorney says the investigation determined the actions of one of the officers did cause anthony anderson's death but he says anderson died during the course of a legitimate arrest and was not through the use of excessive force. news time 4:35. she is 10 but knows the dches between right and wrong. she wrote a letter to the
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governor asking to proclaim today no name calling day and the governor honored the request. it coincides with no name calling week aimed at eliminating bullying. this week you can experience the best places to eat without breaking the bank. more than 105 venues are taking part in the event. restaurants will have specially selected prefixed dinner menus some places will offer lunch options. restaurant week runs through february 3rd. not only us but the animals hate the cold too and because of the extreme weather, the maryland zoo in baltimore will be closed to visitors coming up today. >> it may be freezing out but that won't stop hundreds of people all ages from going swimming this weekend. it's the 1th annual polar bear plunge at sandy point beach. this is video from last year's event. today some of the offices in the area will close early to participate in the corporate plunge and tomorrow it's plunge fest 2013. it is a very quick swim in the
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chesapeake bay. all to raise money for a great cause, the expect olympics maryland. those attending are asked to show up to show off their purple pride. >> he has his priorities in the right place because he will takpart in other events for special olympics but something is coming up next week. if you've done one of those, they are great to see and it's a great program, but it's painful. >> cold for three weeks after whether you are in new orleans or not. >> we have been cold for the past couple days here. >> we have been frigid here and we will do it all over again today. but this time we will throw in moisture with it. so not a whole lot. we will have the clipper that's coming down from canada and -- an alberta clipper. it's a quick moving system and it will dove 1 to 2 in-- drop 1 to 2 inch of know -- inch of snow. if you can't get back home that
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commute is going to be a dicey one. you will hear us talking about that a lot through the show. clouds moving in across the area ahead of the next system. we are dry and cold. so before you leave the house, bundle up, dress in layers. that temperature coming in at 15 degrees right now in manchester. 14 in mount airy and 19 degrees in baltimore. hickory is is at 14 degrees. stevensville at 18 and more of the same in denton. we will talk about that weekend forecast coming up now back over to megan and charley. one game and one winner and two brothers. >> the harbaugh family may not know which team to root for but they know it's going to be a night the entire family will celebrate. the family opens up about this once in a lifetime experience. >> you can feel the excitement in the air. ravens fans are pump for superbowl xvlii and they aregetting ready to leave charm city. where you can send them off. >> reporter: no delays on 695 here at delanny valley road but -- dulaney valley road but we
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are dealing on a crash on 695 in jessup.
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the ravens are getting ready for the superbowl and they have two more home practices before heading to new orleans. this year's superbowl is special because the ravens are playing and because it's a family affair. for the first time in superbowl history two brothers will face- off against each other as head coaches. the ravens john harbaugh will compete against his younger broken jim the head coach for the 49ers. now the coachs' families are spending out. jack and jackie har bow hope the superbowl might end possibly in a tie. the family may not be able to decide which team they will root for, there is one thing they know for sure. >> if we don't enjoy it, we will let a great opportunity slip through our fingers and that's the one thing. we will enjoy it. >> it's a joyful moment. you know. it's a joyful moment for our whole entire family. >> we will have a lot of them
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there. >> yeah. >> extended family and especially for my father who is 97 years old. he is going to be there and this is a joyful moment for him, too. >> it's going to be great moment all around. mrs. harbaugh said the whole family is excited. she says a lot of them are planning to travel to the big easy for the big game. the ravens players wanted to say bye to the fans. today tightend dennis pitta will stop by mow del's sport willing goods and will sign autographs -- autographs and fans will see the purchase. tomorrow troy smith will sign autographs. >> it's not just the players who want to say farewell. fans want to send them off in style. all season we have shown off our purple pride and that's not going to stop now. the mayor says the city will hold a rally monday morning in the inner harbor amphitheater. if you are heading to new
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orleans for the superbowl, join us in giving back to the community. abc2 is teaming up with the st. bernard project to recruit fans heading down to new orleans to help rebuild homes for families still dealing with the effects of hurricane katrina all these years later. all tough do is head to for noah. for more information about the movement and how to help. so we know it's cold but now look at where it's really cold. the watter is not flowing out of the bryant park fountain but it turned to ice. temperatures in new york have been below freezing for a number of days now. >> all right. water displays freeding closer to home. this water fall looks like a crystallize display in washington, d.c. outside the smithsonian museum of the american india and it froze earlier this week. it's pretty looking but we are showing you that so you know it's cold not just here. >> i love when that happens. >> tough keep in mine for your
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house, you have to take care of your plumbing because with it so cold the pipes could burst. >> you want to keep your faucets running. a little drip out there. this morning, we are cold once again. we have snow on the way. and i say that because it's not a lot of snow. it makes me happy some people are getting what they want without overkill. through the afternoon, i will show you the timing of the snow and we will talk about the temperatures because we are 9 single digits in glenelg without the wend chill. this is the actual temperature. you need to dress for this this morning. if the winds kick up slightly we are feeling like zero out there. maybe even negative numbers around glenelg. perry hall at 15. 18 in annapolis and we are going to stay cold as we go throughout the day. so cold enough for some snow and that's what we are going to see. as we look at the satellite and radar you can see the clipper and it's diving down from the great lakes and with that we are going to get snow in here. but what i want to show you is
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the potential for maybe a little bit more snow. so that is scenario. we have this one system alberta clipper and we have the southern branch and low pressure will ride along this. if it faces together we will get much more snow than the anticipated 1 to 2 inches. we are thinking we are going to get just the alberta clipper fast moving system that brings in light snow. and the snow totals we are thinking is 1 to 2 inches everywhere. locally maybe 2 or more. but again this system moves so quickly it will be in and out before you can bat an eye. future trend not picking up on a whole lot in terms of nasty weather as we go through the next several days. today is going to be our day. gets out of here saturday looks pretty good. more of the same on sunday as high pressure builds in for today, that temperature coming in right around 25 degrees. we have the snow in the forecast. by tonight, still lingering still bitterly cold. snow showers wrapping things up a few flurries by tomorrow
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morning. but a dryer day and more sunshine in the forecast. but still, unseasonably cold. 32 degrees here's the 7-day forecast as we have the warming trend. 55 degrees by wednesday. but we have the chance for some rain in the forecast. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. and we are dealing with a crash on 95 in howard county in jessup on the southbound lanes at route 175. expect delays back to route 100. and stick with route 1 or route 295 as your alternate. in howard county, 70 will be nice and clear. nothing to get in your way from columbia pike over to the beltway. and here's a live look at 695, the northwest corner everything is moving along here at old court road. no problems getting up to 83 or traveling the outer loop down to route 40. for those of you in hunt valley a live look at harrisburg expressway. everything is up to speed at shawan road that will remain the same making are way down towards the beltway and get on to the jfx and head into the city. that's a look at your abc2
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timesaver traffic. now over to you. 4:46. the largest sports and outdoor show is held in february. >> but not this year. in a bit, find out why those in charge decided to postpone the major event. >> orioles fans are mourning the death of earl weaver. how the manager is being remembered. >> and who doesn't love a snow day? some kids were happy yesterdaythey didn't have school because of the weather. so is more snow in the future as we make our way into weekend? good morning maryland continues in a moment.
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vice president joe bind is heading to richmond virginia to deliver a speech on obama's administration to reduce gun violence. president obama put hit in charge of a gun task force. he will speak at a round table discussion at virginia commonwealth including experts that worked on gun safety issues. the senate introduced a
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bill to anger gun rights advocates proposing to ban more than 150 military style weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. diane feinstein says for her it's personal. >> i was the one that found supervisor milk's body and i was the one that put a finker in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse -- finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. once you've been through one of these episodes and once you see what the crime scene is like, it isn't like the movies. it changes your view of weapons. >> the nra says the bill has -- fired back against the bill saying senator feinstein has been trying to. [audio not understandable] it said no assault weapons and angry vendors pulled out by the hundreds and the largest sports and outdoor show in the
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country is on hold. charley has more on why the eastern sports and outdoor show has been postponed and it's a whirlwind for people. >> sight start -- it started a week ago the day before the president announced his plan to increase control and the call for the assault weapons ban. reid exhibitions said they wouldn't i a lou the sale -- allow the sale or display of technical weapons. the show is up i-83 and slated to start next saturday. it's a huge event drawing thousands of people from all along the east coast including here in baltimore. and includes 1200 vendors from outfitters to hunting and fishing and camping suppliers. when the announcement was made 300 vendors pulled out including big names like the nra. a facebook page calling for the boycott started and gained 19,000 fans compared to the facebook page which had less than that. yesterday morning reid
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exhibition announced the show would be postponed. a statement on the website they said the original decision was made to preserve the focus on hunting and fishing traditions enjoyed by american families and that's the only thing you will see if you visit the eastern sports outdoor show website, the only thing on the site is that statement. and megan as a point of note, reid exhibition is based in england. >> thanks. time for five things to know on this friday morning. the owings mills volunteer fire company is being awarded needed equipment. the fire company is being given 2 thermal imaging cameras. rick santorum will speak at the march for life rally in washington, d.c. and join marchers on route to the supreme court protesting the 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade decision legalizing abortions. today is timothy geithner's
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last day in office. the president nominated his current chief of staff to replace him. he served in that position since 2009. robin roberts is getting ready to return to good morning america. photos were snapped of her first visit to set after undergoing a bone marrow transplant. she hopes to be back on the air in february. whitney houston's mother is documenting her fight and in the book sissy houston questions whether she could have saved her child. she is sitting down with oprah winfrey next week for the first in-depth interview since her daughter's death. the o's are flying south for spring training and you will be able to get your hands on tickets for the exhibition games. but beginning tomorrow they will be available to fans. the o's kick off the spring training schedule against minnesota february 23rd at ed smith stadium. earl weaver is memorial eyed tomorrow in florida --
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memorialized tomorrow in florida. he died while on a cruise with his wife and former o's player. he took the o's to the world series four times throughout his career but won one title. he was 82. around the beltway in dc, the washington national are making a major presidential announcement. they tweeted thursday they are adding a 5th president. this year it was washington lincoln and jefferson and roterooseveltch the 5th president is set to be -- and roosevelt. the 5th president is set to be announced. not everyone saw the snow as bad thing. >> many schools were on a two- who are day and some canceled classes. that meant kids could pick up the sled. they saw 4 to 6 inches in southern maryland and shoveling snow was better than being at school. >> yeah. the snow is too dry for snowball fights so we are looking for something to do.
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it's too nice outside to stay inside. >> another round of snow won't give them a snow day. >> we are concerned about the commute rain can snarl the commute home going to work and today it's going to be the snow. we could see 1 to 3 inches of snow. but as we head out to school that's not going to be the problem whatsoever. the cold temperatures are so make sure you bundle up the kids and cover up their ears and fingers. 13 degrees right now it will be as we head out to school this morning. as we go into the afternoon, that's when the snow showers will begin. around 3:00, many schools might get out early and that's the smart thing to do. 27 degrees will be the temperature. but it will feel colder traveling to bwi or going out of town. it's 14 degrees. we are dry but i suggest you check ahead because you might
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have other airports that are closed. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. all the snow will make for a pretty messy commute. they are morning we are dealing with a crash on 95 in jessup that's been moved to the shoulder of the southbound lanes at route 175. delays are starting to improve. heading downtown this is what 95 looks like right at the fort mchenry tunnel. no delays. it's going to take 8 minutes northbound from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. and if you are heading out on 695 here in parkville everything is up to speed. no problems traveling the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and that stretch will stake you 11 minutes and over -- take you11 minutes and 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley, over to you. this video would make any parent gasp. >> a baby thrown from a carduring an accident into the
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path of another car. fortunately, the story if you can believe it, has a happy ending. >> you feel under the weather and call in sick and that's how it goes. but not for one postal worker. find out how many years she worked without taking a sick day.
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as reporter you know it's dangerous to mix work with animals. >> that's what a florida reporter learned while shooting video for her story. linda carson was standing next to goats talking about how kids helped raise them. just as she finished she is petting them and how fendly they are and one look at this butts her and she fell down and didn't get hurd. she laughed it off. companies trying to overturn a soda ban found a supporter. >> we will tell you about that when good morning america at 5 begins right now. >> you are watching the station that


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